2 Port IP PoE Splitter Multiplexer – 2Cameras on 1Cable

SKU: G1003


  • Connect 2 Poe Cameras using one cable
  • Easy to install
  • Saves Cable cost
  • Works on all Standard PoE Switches
  • Reliable PoE Splitter Multiplexer
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  • Allows you to run 1 cable run to the switch for 2 cameras that are far apart. Set consists of a \”sender\” unit and a \”receiver\” unit. Plug Sender unit into 2 open ports on your POE switch. Run one cable to the location that has the cameras that are nearby each other. Connect 2 short cables to the Receiver unit and connect the other ends to your camera. Done!
  • Reduces cabling costs. Lets say you are installing 2 cameras on each side of a corner. Instead of running 2 cables back to the switch, you can now just run 1. Easy and Cost Effective.
  • Ever installed a camera in a location, only to find out that you need another one right by it? Whats worse, the switch is on the other side of the building and it took you hours to run that one cable run. No worries! Just use this splitter set to make your installation much easier as all you need to do now is run 1 cable from the old camera to the new camera.
  • The Receiver Unit comes with weatherproof RJ45 connectors, allowing you to fully expose the Receiver unit to the weather elements.
  • Simple plug n play installation. Works with all standard 802.3af/at POE switches. 


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