Bike Tracker for your Logistics and Delivery Business

Managing one motorcycle, or many, can be a laborious job, and can have a profound impact on your budget. And if you venture to buy a bike GPS tracker system, you might not find one that is cost efficient and fulfils your requirements at the same time.

Our TRACK10 GPS provides the best GPS tracker solution for bike monitoring coupled with our excellent after sales support. TRACK10 GPS is your one stop solution for all your bike management needs. 

It comes with a range of features that helps you adequately monitor every aspect of your bike and apply restrictions where and when necessary.

Key Features of our Tricycle and Bike Tracker

Mobile & PC App

User can locate bike using any GSM phone via Mobile App or PC Desktop App

Mileage Report

Get real-time mileage report from bike based on the distance travelled.

Playback Movement

You can easily playback past driving routes and events from Mobile or PC App

Generate Reports

Easily generate Excel or Pdf Reports of locations bike visited within a defined period

Overspeed Alert

Get real-time notification via email or sms when your bike exceeds a defined speed limit

Geofence Alert

Get real-time notification via email or sms when your bike exits or enters a defined zone

Shutdown and Restore

Allows you shutdown your bike from any location using your mobile phone or from PC App

Battery Status

Get real-time notification via email or sms when the bike battery is removed or disconnected

TRACK10 GPS Application Software for PC

TRACK10 Mobile App (iOS and Android)

We make bike management simple

There is so much more to GPS tracker for bikes than basic route navigation. With TRACK10, you can truly understand how each bike is performing using your phone or PC to get the right reports.

We can help you bring back your bike

It is not uncommon for bikes to get stolen, but with TRACK10 Motorcycle GPS tracker, your bike is fully secure. Our anti theft GPS tracker for bikes helps you locate the exact position of your bike at anytime.

We cater to all bike types

From standard motorcycles to sports bikes or even tricycles, we attend to one and all. Our highly trained technicians have the expertise to safely install our TRACK10 device on any brand of bike or tricycle.

For more information, We are a Call or Chat away

Questions our Clients Ask Often

YES, it can be installed on any bike or Keke, without any damage to it.

It takes between 1hr - 1hr 30mins to complete the tracker installation

NO, you dont have to bring your Bike to get TRACK10 installed. We can send a technician to your location to install it.

We can come down to your location or you can come down to any of our locations accross Nigeria. Our Installation Locations

There are no additional or hidden fees. The only fee you pay is 1year after, to keep your vehicle information and access to the Mobile and PC app.
If you dont need the Mobile or PC app and you want to track only via sms then you dont have to pay this yearly fee of N20,000

There is a yearly subscription fee of  N20,000. This comprises of server fee and 1year data

  • Lagos
  • Abuja
  • Akwa Ibom
  • Calabar
  • Enugu
  • Anambra
  • Portharcourt
  • Ibadan
  • Ogun
  • Ilorin

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