Monitor Vehicle Fuel Level in real-time and start saving today

TRACK10 Fuel tracker is an intelligent fuel management and telematics system that helps you monitor fuel usage, vehicle performance and encourage good driving habits.

Individuals or Companies can reduce their fuel costs and improve fuel efficiency. It provides vehicle owners the ability to remotely monitor fuel tank levels and fuel top-ups. For instance, it helps detect fuel siphoning from fuel tank i.e fuel theft and quantity of fuel purchased in real-time. 

This technology can be installed in almost all types of vehicle – bus, truck, salon cars, trailers, tractors etc.

Monitor fuel level

With TRACK10 GPS Server App you can accurately monitor the fuel level in your vehicle.  By simply clicking on the vehicle icon, you can see the fuel level in percentage or in Liters.

This view helps eliminate manual approach of having to go to the vehicle to check and record.

Understand Fuel Level Consumption

You can easily generate a graphical Fuel Level Report which gives you a pictorial overview of the fuel consumption rate per distance covered by the vehicle. Thus, helping you take informed decisions on route optimisation and when to service the vehicle.

Know when Fuel is Refilled or Stolen

TRACK10 GPS Server Software is built to send you notification immediately there is sudden change in fuel level in the tank. A sudden increase or reduction up to 3% will trigger event notification. Up to 3% increase signifies refilling and more than 5% decrease could mean draining – Theft.  A notification will be sent immediately to your email or the mobile app, prompting you to take action.

Tabular Sheet displaying Fuel Consumption rate

Below shows the Drives and Stops Sheet of the vehicle clearly displaying the fuel consumption rate per trip within a stipulated period. This enables you understand the rate at which the vehicle consumes fuel per kilometer it covers and the associated estimated cost.

Benefits of Installing TRACK10 Fuel Tracking GPS Device

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