Secure your Field Staff and Loved Ones with TRACK10 Mobile GPS

TRACK10 Personal tracking devices are designed to be portable and are battery operated with user friendly mobile and pc app.

Our Personal GPS tracking devices can provide increased freedom and safety for our children, remote workers or those that have Alzheimer’s, Dementia or learning difficulties.

This devices can also be used as a temporary tracking device to monitor an individual by simply putting it into the individuals bag, pocket, suitcase or even vehicle.

Know real-time location of your Staffs and Family

TRACK10 GPS Mobile is very portable and comes in various shapes and models that fits easily into any pocket, bag or vehicle. Once fully charged can last for days before needing another recharge. From the mobile or PC app you can get real-time notifications on personnel movement and even generate detailed reports.

Key Features of our TRACK10 GPS Mobile

Mobile & PC App

User can locate vehicle using any GSM phone via Mobile App or PC Desktop App

Playback Movement

You can easily playback past driving routes and events from Mobile or PC App

Generate Reports

Easily generate Excel or Pdf Reports of locations vehicle visited within a defined period

Geofence Alert

Get real-time notification via email or sms when your vehicle exits or enters a defined zone

Battery Status

Get real-time notification via email or sms when the vehicle battery is removed or disconnected

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