Access Control and Biometric Time Attendance

Manage Access and Staff Attendance

Access control and time attendance systems are technologies used by organizations or facilities to manage and monitor the entry, exit, and presence of individuals within a specified area, such as a building or office space.

Access Control: This system regulates who can enter or exit a particular physical location or use resources within that location. It is an advanced biometric system that requires fingerprint, facial or card recognition for access. Access control systems often use keycards, PIN codes, biometrics, or even mobile credentials to grant or deny access to individuals based on their authorization level.

Time Attendance: Time attendance systems track when employees arrive at and leave work. These systems help organizations manage attendance, work hours, and payroll. They can use various methods like biometrics, swipe cards, or PIN codes to record employees’ entry and exit times.

Integration of access control with time attendance systems can optimize security and streamline administrative tasks by using a unified system for managing both aspects effectively.

Key benefits of the Biometric Time Attendance and Access Control System


Access control prevents unauthorized entry, reducing the risk of theft or other security breaches.


Time attendance systems streamline record-keeping, making it easier to manage employees' working hours and payroll.


They provide accurate records of who accessed a particular area or when an employee entered or left the premises.

Access Control and Time Attendance Systems

Zkteco F18
Hikvision T804
Zkteco PA10
Zkteco F22
iFace 302
Zkteco LX50
Zkteco K40
Tuya TW02
Tuya S602

Features of our Biometric Time Attendance and Access Control Systems

Card Access

Alllows you use RFID or MiFare PVC Cards to gain entry or exit

FingerPrint Access

Use your Fingerprint to access door or record attendance

Face Access

Use your Face to access the door or record attendance

Code Access

Use a unique code to access door or record attendance

Multiple Users

Has the capability of recording between 1,000 to 10,000 users.

Remote Access

Depending on the model you can remotely manage users and reports

Local Access

Allows for local management from a central PC system


Easily upgradable and can be tailored to your exact requirement

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