Wifi Battery Solar Camera

Mobile and PC View

A Wifi camera connects to your existing internet connection and is powered by an inbuilt battery and recharged by a solar panel via Solar energy. This allows it work for a long time and never lose power. It is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It can effectively solve your video monitoring solution in places without power supply. The only setback is that you must have steady internet supply where you intend to install it.

Wifi Solar Battery Camera can come as static or Pan/Tilt model. The static model does not allow the user to tilt or turn the camera from the mobile app. While the Pan and Tilt Wifi Solar Battery camera allows the user turn the camera remotely to any view direction from the mobile app. It comes with crystal clear 3MP full HD image and video day and night.

The Wifi Solar PTZ Camera is 100% Cordless, no additional adapter, it can be installed in a place where power cannot be supplied. As long as there is direct sunlight, it can meet its power usage. 

It can be fitted anywhere within your home or office; garage, garden, farm, yard and warehouse, to ensure the safety of your space in the most economical and simplest way.

WIFI Pan & Tilt Battery Solar Camera

WIFI Static Fixed Battery Solar Camera

Accessories that come with the Solar WIFI Battery Camera


Required Accessories for the Solar Wifi Battery Camera Installation


Key features of the Solar WIFI Battery Camera

Night Vision

Enjoy super clear pictures at Night and at Day

2-Way Audio

You can talk and you can hear conversations

Motion Detection

Sends phone notifications when human movement is observed

Human Tracking

It tracks and follows the individual that enters the camera view area

Pan & Tilt

It allows you Pan and Tilt to any angle using your mobile phone

Cloud Storage

You can playback from your mobile phone or remote cloud

Weather Proof

Can be installed indoor or outdoor, designed to stay under rain or sun

Mobile or PC App

Allows you remotely view live footage from any location

Inbuilt Battery

Has built-in 10,000mah original rechargeable lithium batteries

Solar Panel

Comes with durable polycrstalline 8W Solar panel

1 Year Warranty

We offer 1year warranty on all our Wifi Camera Systems

ScreenShot of the WIFI Camera Mobile App

Sharp Images
Night Vision
Cloud Playback

Frequently Asked Questions

YES, it can work without an external power source

The Inbuilt battery can work for upto 15hours until day break when the sunlight recharges the battery again through its solar panel.

Yes it can be installed indoor or outdoor depending on your requirement

The number of cameras depend on the number of areas you wish to view. Example if you wish to view the four (4) corners of your building, you will probably need 4cameras or more depending on the size of your building.

Yes you can download the iOS, Android or PC App to watch and playback remotely.

Yes your wifi connection within the area where the camera was installed must be active for you to view it on your phone/pc remotely. 

However the camera keeps recording 24/7 even without the internet wifi connection being active.

Yes you can easily playback recordings from the SD Card or Cloud Storage right from your phone from anywhere in the world.

Some Areas of Application of the WIFI BATTERY Camera


Works well in a Restaurant area to monitor staffs and customers


Remotely monitor activity within your Salon shop and take action 

Your Home

Ideal for monitoring your home premises from a remote location


You can secure your warehouse with the 4G Solar Camera


Great for securing stores with NO Power or Internet Connection

Estate Streets

A good solution for monitoring your Estate Streets at minimal cost

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