How to Reduce Company Car Insurance Premiums

Managing the insurance costs for a company’s fleet can be a significant concern for many businesses.

High insurance premiums can heavily impact profitability, and with more variables in play, company car insurance is often higher than personal insurance. Luckily, businesses have a valuable ally in their quest to reduce these costs – technology.

At 10PointZero, we’re a leading provider of telematics tracking solutions, dash cams, and remote immobilisers. We offer solutions that not only improve the safety of fleet vehicles but can also contribute to reducing insurance premiums.

Telematics systems, like those offered by 10PointZero can be instrumental in reducing company car insurance premiums. These systems provide real-time data about the vehicle and driver behaviour, allowing for improved risk management.

By monitoring data such as speed, acceleration, braking, and location, telematics can identify risky driving behaviours, enabling managers to intervene and correct these behaviours. Many insurance companies recognize the risk-mitigating potential of telematics and offer lower premiums for fleets that use these systems.

Furthermore, the predictive maintenance alerts provided by telematics can prevent breakdowns and accidents due to vehicle health issues. This proactive maintenance can reduce claims and, as a result, lower your insurance premiums.

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