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For over 16 years we have remained the Leading CCTV and Car Tracker Solution Provider in Nigeria. Providing turnkey products and solutions that better help you manage and monitor your assets and space effectively. Read More

CCTV Camera

With our team of highly experienced engineers we offer a full range of CCTV Surveillance services which includes consultation, design, supply, installation and maintenance.

Car Tracker

We sell and install GPS Tracking devices for all kinds of vehicles, tricycles and bikes. To help you monitor and keep track of your vehicle fleet, thus guarding against misuse or theft.

Access Control & TA

Thinking of restricting who has access to certain areas in your business space or Need to track when your staff resume work? We have the right Access Control and Biometric Time Attendance for you.

CCTV Camera for Home or Business

Installing a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Security Camera system for both home and business is no longer for high-end individuals or businesses, its now a common practice to deter staff misconduct, theft, monitor activities, and enhance overall safety.

At 10PointZero, we don’t just sell CCTV Surveillance Camera systems we work with you based on your CCTV requirements and budget to give you the right CCTV Solution that will exceed your expectations.

CCTV Camera

TRACK10 - Vehicle GPS Tracker

GPS Vehicle tracking systems have become an essential tool for individuals, businesses, and organizations to adequately monitor their fleet remotely, thus resulting in cost reduction on mainteance and wear and tear of vehicle.

We Track and Monitor all aspects of your Vehicular Assets

Shutdown Vehicle

You can remotely shutdown your vehicle from any authorised phone

Inbuilt Microphone

Covertly listen to conversations within your vehicle remotely from your mobile phone

Geofence Enabled

Create imaginary boundaries, such that you get alert when your driver exits or enters an area

Movement Reports

Generate movement reports at specific times in pdf or excel format for total mileage, route covered etc.

Monitor Fuel Level

Monitor fuel usage and consumption. Understand how much fuel was bought and how it is used.

Watch Live Video

It allows you watch realtime or playback events of what occurs within your vehicle at a specific time

Access Control & Biometric Time Attendance

Door access control systems are digital security systems that ensure authorized access to your building. They ensure only authorized personnel are entering your building while keeping unauthorized personnel out.

A biometric attendance system is a time and attendance (TNA) system that uses biometric technology to verify employees’ identities and track the time they enter and exit the workplace.

At 10PointZero, we design and deploy Standard or hybrid Biometric Time Attendance and Access Control systems to meet your unique requirement.

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